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Death's Tongue

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
8:02 pm - Radio Golgotha - News & Upcoming Events

It has been an incredible first month. We have had hundreds of unique listeners 
tune in from as far away as Finland, Canada, Hong Kong and dozens from our home 
base in Tampa, FL.  We are particularly happy to welcome out German visitors 
which have made up almost 20% of our listenership. Now that we have stablized 
some of the technical launch issues, we will continue to add to our library of albums 
so that there will new music in rotation everyday including some smaller, but very 
interesting regional talent.  

We also have new sets from DJ Devious, Maus and DJ Xanthus set to premiere 
next week. In the next few months, we'll continue this trend with the programming 
shifting towards more Djs, more often. You'll hear club sets from England, Germany 
and all over the US. 

Thanks for your continuous support!!

-Radio Golgotha Staff


Wednesday 9/5/2007 3:00 PM EST
Set Debut 
Senor Dick is back with new set and asks Where is the Youth? It's not what you are thinking...

Sunday 9/9/2007 2:00 PM EST
Set Debut 
Artificial is the name of this set by DJ Maus. Avoid the Sunday drivers and tune-in to this Electro-Pop set. Turn it up for a perfect backdrop for those Sunday chores.
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
4:43 pm - Radio Golgotha - Streaming LIVE

The newest and hottest Gothic & Industrial radio station is finally
streaming live for your listening delight!

Radio Golgotha is an ongoing project with new Djs, a new Music section
and photo gallery as well as an updated chat room on the near horizon.

Whether you'll listen while updating your myspace/facebook profile,
writing your dissertation or slaying virtual dragons, you can find your
soundtrack here.

Check it out, and bookmark it!


Your ears will thank you for it.

current mood: devious

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Saturday, June 16th, 2007
8:41 pm

Pig eyes are flying & 7 toads are frying on the side walk. Yes, yes i saw them jump over the lumber mill! It was a tuesday i do believe. monday they ate there young with chopsticks.

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Monday, June 11th, 2007
2:20 pm - 10.06
breakfast_girl morning isn't as clear
walking down ten eyke
my uncomfortable heels
hitting the pavement.
i am still half asleep
lying in your bed and
tangled in sleeping bags,
this is my walk of shame.

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007
11:56 am - refried (in)human) beings

....so i may exist as a ghost within many minds lost, (or not (found) to be unknown? shift though forgotten data all that is forgotten, lost, echos all, all that remain. ashes beneath the foundations, of what? towers to fall, lol, towers of bone & rot. dance, dance, dance as you die, fools! rotten/rotting flesh transcends the digital plane.... .....you are oblivion, am i not?, it is (it?).... .....rofl.....

.....icy (un)dead refried (in)human) beings, they grew within pod casts as the radio waves crashed up against the shore i can(t) sea them coming.

i see

as the radio waves clashed up against the shore

current mood: envious

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Sunday, March 25th, 2007
3:12 pm - pheonix wraith WIP


O come forth, O great shrouded phoenix who rises forth from the ashes of others. Bring forth a scythe of luner gleam upon emptied hour glasses, wretched coils. Release our souls, plutonian beings, forth from rotting flesh and.... other things. Let us know eternal knowledge upon wisp & eatheral void as we may rise forth from broken corpses, within broken worlds of shattered dreams, upon shadowy wings.

If anyones interested there is stuff with it on it at my cafepress shop http://www.cafepress.com/inkmonkeyart

current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
10:29 am - a noob

hi, am new here and i just want to drop by and say hi to everyone in this community. hi again.

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Monday, June 5th, 2006
11:54 pm

there is alot of great poems in here, good job guys!

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
9:41 pm - Sucking the burning marrow from the iron tube

Oh answers lost in the sweeter tube, of life I call and timeless your.

Becomes and in the night, and here you turn, and in that day, your.

Whispers fade, and there you stood, and image flash, like.

Perfect song, but only once.

current mood: drunk

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Thursday, April 6th, 2006
10:23 pm - Insect dreaming

Access smile of personal gravity burning wicker as sunset sky, like red over crashing shore. Fortress Sideways in the dark dusk light, cries of gulls and distant lovers, your walls like the promises of parents 'hush now, the demons are not real'.

I scream your name, trapped in my own circling endless nightmare reality, and remember the night I watched you die. Spiralling like the iron gull you had become, distant lovers on the sill of shade, Sideways' towers crashing as the damned reach out, falling to the beat of a suddenly silenced drum.

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10:22 pm - Tolling of the silent bell

And the bell chimed the darkness in its still and silent way as the end of all things and new beginnings heard moments of forgetfulness strung out on leeches sucking my life away and i find myself under the jackets with nothing to hold except the rope that isnt there.

Turning pages backwards across a book that hears my name and shrieks like the hours of mandrake dawn like hard and yet supple and forgotten movements of selfless forgivness that always begins with the self and yet ends with a person who isnt even there.

Seek the nightmare and it will flee from you. Become the nightmare and it will rock you to sleep.

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Monday, February 6th, 2006
12:12 pm

Hello - I'm new here. My name is Brian. I live in Lexington, KY. As this is the "Bible-belt," there aren't many open-minded people here - just a bunch of people with bleach-blond hair that look like they came from an O.C. convention. Anyway, I know this girl named Sunshine (yes, it is a bit wierd that there is a gothic lady by the name of Sunshine) and even though she has a boyfriend, she's been spending a lot of time with me. We haven't done anything because I've been cheated on before and I wanted to rip said person's spine out and bludgeon them with it, but she stays out with me til like 6 in the mrning (Saturday morning) and she was over here til 4 in the morning so I didn't get much sleep. Anyway, I've written this poem about her and I apologize if it sounds a bit cliché, so try not to be too judgemental. A lot of my other poetry which I find to be some of my best work, you will find at http://www.myspace.com/deathiseventual in a blog entitled 'some of my poetry' (it's the second one down). I was actually listening to Charon and these lines kept coming into my head with J.P.'s vocals. To clear the air, I've written thousands of poems and I NEVER write one inspired by a band or musician. This was just a freak accident. Feel free to criticize. As a great writer once said, you can only become a better writer by reading great writers and continually rereading and editing your work.

A Light in Darkness

On sleepless nights
I rise, go out
into the cold and darkness.
Searching for another soul,
for mine to console
I’ve lost my way, I’m dying.
Her dark red hair
flows endlessly and
it wraps around my heart.
Entangled in her beauty
matched by none other
now I’ve found a reason to live.

Your soul it speaks
my heart it bleeds
Come and comfort me my darling.....

This may feel wrong
but I’ve waited so long....
even though you betray another.
My heart was black
now you’ve taken it back
oh my God how the sun hurts....

...my eyes have seen
the way into your heart
No longer live in fear
no longer shall we be apart...

Coming in for the kill
I live for the thrill
of you being my light in darkness
Her dark red hair
flows everywhere
and I’m blinded by her likeness

Your soul it speaks
my heart it bleeds
Come and comfort me my darling.
Never be afraid
I will take the blame
and our love to the grave.

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Saturday, February 4th, 2006
10:44 pm - Lifeless eyes


Just a copy of an old poem, testing the mood and seeing if this is the sort of stuff you'se are in to before I start churning them out...

'Look on me, dead eyes - staring forever at a bright blue sky. Your face is so beautiful, even though your nose is missing - worried away by wild dogs and monkeys. I hear the maggots who eat your eyes, your pupils moving as if you search out for a suddenly distant god; for a rapture which will never come.

They searched for you for weeks, yet I alone found you and freed you from your meaningless life. Now may your worthless flesh feed the worms and the rats, the spineless and the vermin recognising one of their own. I will sing to you the lamentations of your parents, your filthy white-trash lovers, taking pictures of your slow decay as I keep the hate alive...'

current mood: sleepy

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Monday, January 30th, 2006
11:07 am - Farewell

An epiphany of faith in the face of the tormentors
Seperated but bound by vitriol in the light of our valediction
Our fond farewell

"A fond farewell to arms my friend", Spits my broken will as
the ruins of my freedom augment into reason
A tower of strength, a blade of repose into my twisted view of
sentiment and duty

Farewell to Freedom
Farewell to Dignity
Farewell to Living Will
Farewell to Fare Well

...Freedoms are only ever granted to us so that we have something that can be removed from us if we start to forget who we are... In the end, freedom boils down to choice, but do we really have a choice? I mean, the only choices that can really matter are the moral ones, and we all know the difference between right and wrong... So essentially the choices have all been made already... When morality dictates choice and choice dictates freedom, then how can we ever truely be free?

As soon as we realise that conformity and assimilation into a conformist social structure is inevitable our walls come crashing down and we soon become aware that all of our carefully constructed individuality, all of our beliefs and dreams, have been in vain... Everything that we were and everything that we could ever aspire to has been a lie... A lie that we've all been happy to buy into, but thats okay, all it cost us was our dignity!!!

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
3:55 am - ~*~Wounds Of Expression~*~

~*~Wounds Of Expression~*~

Cutting is my voice
When I am enduring so much underlying pain
To wear it on my body
tells what I cant explain
Just want the pain to stop
This ain't what I want
I cut
Its my way of asking for help
Its my only coping strategy
There aint no other way
Anger turned inward
Difficult relationships
I cant suspend
So upset
Injuring myself
I'm fighting, not wanting to
Angry then most
The anger builds to out of control
The only way to release is to cut
Only adding fuel to the fire
Cant step back
Try to simmer down
Unable to express myself
These feelings inside
Get to boiling point
Controlled expression
Cutting is what has to give
There has to be other ways
Keeping emotions inside
As I don't want anyone to know what I'm feeling
When my feelings are out there
They use and hurt them
Close to me
Invested in love, and he threw it all away
Lost and bottled up inside
Suicide attempts,
What else is out there that I am hiding
Help relieve these feelings, without injury to myself
It wont be a perfect ride
My imperfections will be opened up
It will hurt
But handling it in different means
Will stop my life
Falling apart from these desperate seams

current mood: creative

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
11:57 am - Sick In My Surroundings

Jack off until my mind's numb
Philosophic porn until I'm deaf and dumb and done
In this small broken room, sweating blood from my pores
There's shit on the walls and shit where I crawl
When I call Silence screams, violent and obscene
Brutally it beats me and tears the flesh from my dreams
I step back from my self and see it dead in this gutter
Spit in disgust and pray I never recover

I sit and look around.... I take in the tatty posters that hang precariously from the walls as if they're clinging onto life itself, posters of bands that have long since fallen from my favour... Amongst the broken vinyl and pornographic novels lay the torn up photo's that paint the passing of my time like a distorted mural... Guitars with broken bones sit lonely in the corner, yearning to cry and sing their sweet songs, gathering dust in the tears of the abused... Porcelain plates painted with the blood that stains my sheets lay smashed among the ashes like my only true friends... Tired books that have seen a thousand lives walk tall against the backlash and breath the smoke from my lungs... Plutonium cancer hangs in the air... No light penetrates the delirium from the blacked out windows... I made it like this, I know...

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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
3:21 pm - ~*~Remorse~*~



Sympathy's eyes
Look so sad
As it glances my way
You took fate
Into your own hands
There is no-one else to blame
To see what could of been
Shriveling away
You cant do or say anything
Memories of past events
Come back and have their final say
The results will always be
Forever edged in stone
Knock at it as hard as you can
But history can never be retold


~*~Shadow Dweller - Poetry Site~*~

current mood: restless

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3:53 am - Newie!!..

~*~ Goodbye Whispers ~*~
As she whispers her final goodbyes
The last tear runs down her face
Taking away the dying ties
Watching as the trees begin to embrace
The wind that strangles their veins
Her body dossn't even feel a single vibration
As her stature soaks up the rain
The blood runs away with such sensation
Revealing the colours of what she once knew
Opening the port of rationalization
That we are no longer two
Blood seeps into the forgiven drain
Taking the heat felt emotions
Coming to terms of the dramatic pain
As she puts the wheels in motion
she turns and walks away
Leaving your life pooled together
within your own rotting maze
Her tears will forever lather
As your obituary slowly fades.

current mood: okay

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
7:38 am

POEM: Beyond the Breaking PointCollapse )

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Thursday, October 6th, 2005
4:16 am

Sat in the oh so certain silence of delirium, spun out and left to sweat in the solitude of the come down, wired with static and electric blue TV screens, I lay down, close my eyes, and fall asleep...

Fall asleep and slip into the surreal musings of a sympathetic mind
Where my heavy metal mouth spits obscenity beyond design...
Where symbolism falls apart, and metaphors collapse
Reality ebbs away and the mundane becomes sublime...
Time and time again, I fall before I wake
Fall through introspection, ignoring my mistakes
Chemically embraced, I step into the twisted scenes
Sedate in the constraints of my own recurring dreams

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